Coil Handling Equipment

Coil Handling Equipment

P/A Industries Offers the Most Extensive Selection of Coil Handling Equipment in the Industry.

From Stock Reel Decoilers to Straighteners – Motorized or Not, Vertical or Horizontal Payoff and Rewind, to highly sophisticated Automatic Winding equipment for the Electronics industry - P/A Industries is your best source for coil handling equipment and information.

Stock Reels / Decoilers

P/A Industries Offers a Full Range of Choices
Small to large, horizontal or vertical, wire or strip stock... we’ll take care of whatever you need to handle.

Stock Straighteners

Straighten or Flatten your Strip Stock with a P/A Stock Straightener

Winding Automation

P/A offers a wide range of High Speed Winding and Rewind Equipment for Delicate Electronic components and parts going through a secondary molding or plating process.

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