Straightening Equipment

Stock Straighteners

Straighten or Flatten your Strip Stock with a P/A Stock Straightener

Product Line Thickness Range (In.)Max. Stock Width (in)
Precision Stock Straightener
The 4 models of P/A's Precision Stock Straightener are recommended for Stainless Steel, Bronze, and other difficult to flatten material.
.005 - .0408"
Flip-Top Stock Straightener
The P/A Flip-Top Stock Straightener allows easy access for loading and cleaning and is available in 3 models.
.015 - .08312"
Medium Duty Straighteners
Available with 7 or 11 rolls, these Medium Duty Stock Straighteners remove coilset from a wide range of thicknesses.
.015 - .13540"
Heavy-Duty Straighteners
Available in 8 different models - 7 or 11 Rolls, P/A's Heavy Duty Straightener provides the quality construction required to meet your production needs.
.030 - .20050"
Magnum Straightener
The P/A Magnum Straightener removes coilset from thicker, wider material. It was designed to work with the Magnum Servo Roll Feed.
.040 - .23650"
Extra Heavy-Duty Straightener
Available in 5 Different Models, this P/A Stock Straightener meets the most demanding production requirements and is designed to work with the Magnum X-Model Servo Feed.
.050 - .27660"
Precision Reel Straighteners
The Precision Reel Straightener Combination conserves precious floor space while it's 9 Straightening Rolls process delicate, but hard to straighten materials such as copper, bronze and brass. 200-600 Lbs. Max Coil Wt.
.004 - .0406"
Flip Top Reel Straightener
Available in 8 different models, P/A's easy to clean and load, Space-Saving Reel Straightener design has 9 Straightening Rolls. 200-3500 Lbs. Max Coil Wt.
.015 - .08312"
Space Saver Reel Straightener
10 Models Available - The P/A Space Saver Reel Straightener combination uses very little production real estate. 1200-6500 Lbs Max Coil Wt.
.015 - .13525.5"
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