Custom Solutions


Our Engineering Team is made up of Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineers. With their extensive experience and state of the art engineering software and tools, they can provide a custom or application specific solution. 



Sequential software provides the capability for step feeding, tool signaling, gagging and multiple parts on one press or punching machine. Ideal for Racking, Lighting, Strapping, Appliance, Screen Perforating and other industries that make parts where changing the feed pitch during production is crucial. Easy step-by-step programming and job storage provide maximum flexibility and reduced set-up time.


BULLET SERIES - Modify any P/A Servo Feed to provide Increased Production Speed

Every manufacturer wants to produce their product as quickly, and efficiently as possible. The P/A Bullet series allows you to do just that by modifying our standard Servo Feeds. Using Advanced Design software, our engineers analyze your application to determine the Mechanical and Electrical enhancements that will help get you to the production speed you need.

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