Accessory Equipment

Accessory Equipment

Transporters - Electric and Pneumatically Driven

Electrically or Pneumatically Driven Beltless Conveyors

The Transporters are beltless conveyors that solve scrap and parts removal problems efficiently and inexpensively. Separate your stamped parts with custom configured trays. Install the Transporter under your tool and problems with slugs, steel shavings, and scrap disappear. Originally developed to remove scrap from presses, the Transporter is now being used in assembly-type operations.


Prevent Material Marking by Eliminating Dancer Arm Bounce with a P/A Loop Control or Stock Detector

Bouncing Dancer Arms often dent, scratch, and crease delicate, prepainted, or highly polished stock. To eliminate this problem, P/A offers several solutions.

Stock Oiler

Accomodates Material .001-.187"

The P/A Stock Oiler increases your die life and eliminates the "coffee-can" mess to make your operation safer and more efficient. Oil flow to both rollers is individually controlled by metering valves which are installed on the reservoir tank. Adjustable tension springs help to apply the right oil film by supplying enough pressure to squeeze off any excess which is then recycled to the unit.

Scrap Choppers, Cutters and Shears

Mechanical, Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuation

Whether you need to remove scrap from your press or need a Stock Cutter in your production line, P/A has a Cutter, Shear or Chopper for you.

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