Feeding Equipment

Feeding Equipment

From Servo Roll Feeders to Precision Air Feeds – Electrical and Pneumatic - P/A Industries is your best source for Press Feeding Equipment and information.

Servo Feeds

Servos Feeds Are Us
P/A was the first manufacturer to recognize that the investment is just as important as the new technology of Servo-driven Press Feeding equipment. P/A Servo Feeds integrate high tech servo controls and drives with rugged mechanical feeds. The electronic controls have the flexibility of dependable accuracy and faster speeds with no maintenance.

Our mechanical assemblies are made from heavy cast frames, stabilized and then machined. The rugged design of our Servo Roll Feeds eliminates most maintenance. P/A includes user-friendly features at no extra charge – catenary, quick-release handles to adjust roller stock guides, exit support and stock buckle bridge, transition mounting brackets, positive pilot release roller cam and roll release lever for material insertion are just a few of our standard features.

All P/A Industries Servo Roll Feed models have extra-large rolls to withstand the toughest abuse and harshest pressroom environment. Compare our rated specifications and generous roll diameter against any other feed builder. Size does make a difference.

Precision Air Feeds

Inexpensive, Fast, Versatile, and Simple to Operate

What more could you ask for? P/A's Precision Air Feeds handle a variety of different materials - Paper, plastic, foil, fabric, wire, tubing...You name it and P/A will feed it. Installation is simple, as are set-ups. And, these Pneumatic Feeders are so economical, many customers leave them permanently mounted to their tools.

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